Meet Our Providers

Elyssa Rapier, PNP

Elyssa Rapier, a Springfield native, is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) who has spent her career providing care for children. She spent several years working in urgent/emergency care in St Louis and has spent the last 7 years in pediatric primary care, working in two large pediatric practices. She loves working with children and has had a passion for pediatric care for as long as she can remember.  

When Elyssa became a mother, some things changed in her life. She was not prepared for the intense struggles she faced in breastfeeding, finding out about her baby’s tongue tie and having it revised, and the subsequent postpartum depression. Elyssa began to search tirelessly for answers. Her search led to a lot of big changes in her family’s life – from the food they ate to the chemicals they used in cleaning and on their bodies. She gained a love for learning more and more about the connection between nutrition and the way God designed our bodies to heal. She now loves cooking healthy food for her family and getting kids excited about trying new healthy foods. 

Through her passion for wellness and nutrition, she is excited about the opportunity to blend modern medicine with safe, evidenced based holistic methods for healing. She also believes there can be a far greater benefit to long term lifestyle changes for disease prevention and discovering the “why” behind common childhood complaints and their associated symptoms.

We are so excited to have Elyssa as part of the team at My Healthy Kids where she can bring her years of experience with routine pediatrics coupled with her passion for making kids HEALTHY! 

Carolyn Adams, FNP

Carolyn Adams has spent her life serving children and families. In her professional life, she has worked for over two decades as a child, adult, and family counselor, specializing in women and children. She often worked in particularly difficult situations including helping abused and medically needy children through both the Parent Education Project and Child Advocacy Coalition. 

Carolyn’s own family also keeps her busy. She is happily married and has 7 of her own children, several of whom she adopted after fostering them, and she is the grandmother of 12. She enjoys spending time with the last two children they have at home, ages 16 and 29, going for walks, hiking, playing games, and having interesting dinner conversations. 

About eight years ago, Carolyn added a BSN degree and began working as a nurse at Cox South Hospital in addition to counseling and everything else she was doing. She became certified in health coaching and nutrition and enjoyed being able to use that knowledge with many of her patients. She loves sharing the healthy cooking skills she has developed through the years. 

Carolyn has had a long-running interest in natural medicine and nutrition, which she used regularly as she raised her family. In 2018, Carolyn became a Family Nurse Practitioner and has now been pursuing another dream of hers. She is completing her education to be a functional medicine practitioner so she can offer families a full range of both standard medical care and natural medicine for their health. 

We met Carolyn in 2017 when she completed her OB/GYN clinicals for FNP at Family Birth & Wellness and knew that she would fit in well with our philosophy and mission. We are happy to have her on our team, and she is excited to be spending time helping families at Family Birth and Wellness and My Healthy Kids find answers for becoming healthy and staying healthy. 

Dr. Matt Green, DO

Dr. Matthew Green grew up in Oklahoma and attended medical school at Oklahoma State University. He completed a family medicine residency at Cox in Springfield, MO. Dr. Green is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and has taken care of families in Southwest Missouri for the past 13 years. He loves spending time with his wife and three children and being involved in his church. His other interests include golfing, hunting and traveling.

We are thankful to have Dr. Green on our team as our collaborating and consulting physician at My Healthy Kids. His knowledge and experience coupled with his kind and caring nature make him the perfect fit for My Healthy Kids!