My Healthy Kids is now part of Loehr Health!

Hello to all our patients at My Healthy Kids and Family Birth and Wellness! 


A lot of exciting things have been happening behind the scenes for a while and we are finally catching our breath enough to sit down and write an email update! 


The response we’ve had from the community since starting My Healthy Kids has been very exciting! People are thrilled to finally have a pediatric office (and functional medicine for adults) that believes THEY are the experts on their own health decisions when given good information. It has been wonderful to be able to meet this very real need in Southwest Missouri. Elyssa Rapier, our PNP has been amazing in rising to the occasion, and we have been working on adding more practitioners to the team who have the same heart and philosophy. 


Along with growth comes a lot of time investment from those managing the business. My family has been growing alongside MHK. I just had my fourth boy this summer, and as someone who has always wanted to be a mostly stay-at-home mom, the struggle to balance being pulled into work constantly and trying to give my kids my undivided attention has been difficult. After a lot of thought and prayer, brainstorming and emotions (happy and sad), I came to the conclusion that I had to give up the business in order to prioritize my family the way I want to during this season of my life.

Finding the right person to take over was challenging, but once Dr. Steven Loehr came to mind, I was sure he was that person. I’ve known Dr. Loehr for over a decade and have been his wife April’s midwife three times over, so I had come to know him and his healthcare philosophy well. His passion for changing the way healthcare is done led to his opening Loehr Health Center here in Springfield where patients are offered a range of chiropractic, primary care, and other services. When I approached him well over a year ago to ask if he would consider taking over Family Birth and Wellness and My Healthy Kids, I was thrilled when he said, “YES! I’m so glad you asked me!!”


In the year since, we have spent a lot of time working on what this would look like. The acquisition of FBW and MHK by Loehr Health became official in September. Since then, we have all been working harder than ever to ensure a smooth transition for patients and to transfer the many business details over to Loehr Health. While I am trying to work myself (mostly) out of a job, I’m also still staying involved as a consultant. 


The big question everyone asks is, “What’s going to change?” Well, not a lot initially.


In a couple of months, we will all be transitioning to using the same electronic health records system which will have many more helpful features than what we are currently using. It will allow all the practitioners within Loehr Health, Family Birth and Wellness, and My Healthy Kids to share information easily. This way, your midwife who delivered your baby, the pediatric provider at MHK, and the chiropractor who may be working on something with your baby can all read each other’s notes and stay better informed about what is happening at other appointments.


Dr. Loehr has the same desire that we have had all along – for My Healthy Kids to be in-network with insurance and to accept Medicaid for patients. BUT with our explosion of growth only through word of mouth, we are working first to build a solid team with enough staffing to cover everyone who will suddenly want in when insurance and Medicaid are options. Our first goal is to ensure that your care is the same as it has always been. When we can maintain our high standard for functional pediatric and adult wellness care, insurance and Medicaid are on the list to move forward with. 


We believe this transition will be a positive thing for everyone. We welcome your feedback as we work through all the details! Thank you for trusting us with your care! 

Follow Family Birth and Wellness, My Healthy Kids, and Loehr Health on social media for updates. We’ll also keep you updated via email! 


Have a VERY Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2022!

Mary Walsh