My Healthy Kids is Now Part of Loehr Health!


Pediatric Care

Pediatric care that’s more than just treating symptoms

A thorough integrative approach to pediatrics that doesn’t target just the symptoms but helps you understand the complex requirements of your kids so they can succeed physically, socially, and emotionally.

Listeners who respect you

Our providers will listen and respect your concerns and preferences.

Minimal Intervention

We seek to minimize unnecessary intervention, procedures, and prescriptions.

Evidence-based care

We provide evidence-based care based on the best available research.

Healthy Kids are Happy Kids

We know that simple things like nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes can have a profound effect on your child’s health.

Dr. Matt Green, DO
Elyssa Rapier, PNP

Our Providers

All of our providers are passionate about providing you exceptional, evidence-based care.

Supporting parents

Helping you keep your kids healthy and happy

Our practitioners, parents themselves, are excited about helping you keep your kids healthy and happy. They will take the time to hear stories of what you’ve tried, what has worked – and what hasn’t. They are not afraid of your questions, even if they don’t have all the answers, and they won’t talk down to you or think you are bad or ignorant if you question the typical recommendations.

In our practice, we will always believe that you, as the parent, love and care for your child’s well-being far more than any medical professional or organization. We believe you will make good choices for them when you are given thorough information and full disclosure of the benefits and risks of any treatment or declination of treatment.